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preventative maintenance

Don's Appliance Heating and Cooling now offers Residential Planned Service Agreements.

Why do I need a Don's Appliance Heating and Cooling Planned Service Agreement?
• It gives you peace of mind knowing a trained Don's Appliance Heating and Cooling professional is going to give your indoor/outdoor comfort system the attention and maintenance required to produce the maximum efficiency in your home.
• With this program your indoor/outdoor comfort system will operate at that Maximum Efficiency all year and have a longer life span.
• Most important is that your comfort is OUR First Priority.

How can I save money with a Don's Appliance Heating and Cooling Service Agreement?
• You save 10% off all repair parts.
• Planned Service Agreements will allow your Indoor Comfort System to run at Optimal Efficiency at all times.
• Any emergency service charges are waived. Standard rates apply at all service times.
• Preferred priority service at all times.

We have several agreement plans to meet your needs:
• Heating System (Furnace-Boiler only) - Fall visit
• Cooling only - Spring visit
• Combination Plan (Fall for furnace/Spring for air conditioner) - 2 visits

We also offer once-a-year Planned Service for these additional items:
​• Electronic Air Cleaner (whole house only)
• Humidifiers (Evaporator Pad included)
• Water Heater (Thermocouple included)
• Dryer (Complete vacuum of unit: no parts)
• Refrigerator (Complete vacuum of unit: no parts)

How do I sign up for a Don's Appliance Heating and Cooling Planned Service Agreement?
Your serviceman has all the forms you need to sign up. He will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  

You can also contact our office at any time and have the forms sent to you.  

We will inspect your equipment before issuing the final agreement to get the necessary information and make sure it's in good working order.  

​You can then rest knowing your heating and cooling equipment will be cared for by he professional from Don's Appliance Heating and Cooling.

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